Our consulting providers have more than 21 years of combined experience in the defense and security industry. We enable superior military and security education and training in leadership, services in joint, multinational and campaign planning, civil-military and stability operations, and the integration of irregular warfare concepts into strategic business operational planning.


Our subject matter expertise is backed by decades of operational experience, advanced education in the subject areas, continuing education in adult learning, and demonstrated ability to communicate, instruct, and facilitate in Spanish or English.

Defense & Military Consulting

We are the innovators in the Defense and Security enterprise, enabling our clients to transform their performance and achieve a sustainable world. Our network possesses over 100 years of combined experience delivering defense and security-related solutions with a vast understanding of the complex security challenges.

HUman Resources COnsulting

Our Human Resources Consulting segment provides our clients with a management activity addressing human resource management tasks and decisions allowing them to focus on their business' core activities.

Training consulting

Through our Training Consulting segment, we provide our customers with professional / administrative and managerial education and development frameworks aligned with their businesses’ vision.


Our Business Operational Planning segment allows our clients to develop a clear action plan in order to achieve their strategic mission and vision, we provide the tools and help you reach success.

On behalf of the CHUF team, we want to extend our sincerest appreciation to EEC Solutions. Alex and his team dedicated hundreds of hours to supporting our multiple projects and provided technical and administrative expertise. Their desire to want to make a difference in their community resonates strongly with our mission, and we are pleased to continue providing the much-needed support to our community.

Marielys Camacho-Reyes, Founder / President of The Compassionate Hearts UNITED Foundation

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