Earthquake & Natural Disaster Equipment

EEC Solutions believes that at the core of every security plan there has to be considerations in the event of natural disasters. One of the most common ways casualties and injuries occur in natural disasters is as a result of unsecured objects turning into hazards.

EEC Solutions is proud to offer Pro-7's line of  products rated to withstand a magnitude 7 earthquake.

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Pro-7 Super Sticky Gel Pad

The Standard Pro-7 Pad is built to stick down a multitude of objects with various sizes and weights. What sets the pro-7 aside is the ability to provide the increased adhesion and reusability.

Also available is a plant based option.

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Pro-7 Metal Bracket

This product is intended for use in connection with large machinery and other equipment. The Pro-7 bracket offers the strength of the traditional Pro-7 with and added bracket to improve stability. No drilling required!

Pro-7 Super Sticky Gel Pads

One of the most exciting innovations comes in the form of the Pro-7 shelf straps. These straps have the ability to support a magnitude 7 earthquake and a load of up to 440 lbs.

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