Foreign Relations Support

World Flags

Our foreign relations support services have been curated to maximize the exchange of information in multiple languages across the world, allowing us to produce quantifiable results for our partners. The men and women leading our efforts are career diplomats and military leaders who have undertaken various roles abroad in conventional military environments and the civilian federal government. With over a century of combined expertise, our personnel are pioneers and thought leaders on the global stage.

Foreign Dignitary Support 

We help you plan and carry out all aspects of a foreign dignitary's visit within the continental United States.

Geopolitical Consulting

We support you in the understanding of the geopolitical climate of a foreign nation.

VIP Foreign Travel

We are involved in every step of the planning and execution of a VIP's travel overseas.

Strategic Planning

We help you plan and execute your programs and projects overseas.

Foreign Travel Consulting

We help you plan your travel abroad.

Overseas Risk Assessment

We will conduct a risk assessment of your overseas travel and help you mitigate them.

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