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Effective leadership and  data driven management are key to the success of any program. Our processes have been catered to attack the issues that affect the management process throughout its lifecycle. Our points of focus are: success of the mission, reliability/efficiency, cost consciousness and timeliness.

Our Project Management Proccess

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Performance and Optimization


Definition and Planning


Project Close


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Administrative Support Services

At EEC Solutions we leverage our years of industry experience and global network of professionals to offer our clients unique and specialized administrative support services. 

EEC Solutions is able to come in and help our partners complete a variety of administrative duties which include (but are not limited to): scheduling, answering phones, typing, taking dictation, organization and similar activities.


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On behalf of the CHUF team, we want to extend our sincerest appreciation to EEC Solutions. Alex and his team dedicated hundreds of hours to supporting our multiple projects and provided technical and administrative expertise. Their desire to want to make a difference in their community resonates strongly with our mission, and we are pleased to continue providing the much-needed support to our community.

Marielys Camacho-Reyes, Founder / President of The Compassionate Hearts UNITED Foundation

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