Security Consulting Services

At EEC Solutions we leverage our years of industry experience and global network of professionals to offer our clients unique and specialized security consulting services. 

EEC Solutions is able to come in and help corporations and residential complexes optimize their security program to perform at their peak capability. Our subject matter experts come from a diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in multiple fields (military, diplomatic security, criminal justice, etc..) allowing us to provide top notch services and advice specialized to our clients' needs.

EEC Solutions is a worldwide leader in the security field and is proud to offer our services worldwide.

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To successfully prepare for possible security threats and intrusions, you must know where the weaknesses are. EEC Solutions leverages its network of qualified professionals to offer the following assessment services:
Physical Security Assessment
Security Procedures Assessment
Residential Vulnerability Assessment



Regardless of what stage of  the development process you find yourself in, EEC Solutions is able to come in and provide the following planning services:

Physical  Security Program

Security Policies and Procedures

Threat Reporting and Mitigation Procedures