Strategic Planning & Engagement


Our strategic planning and engagement segment brings more than 11 years of combined experience planning, coordinating, and executing engagements around the world.  From Latin America to Africa, we bring our unique expertise in diplomatic, military, and private sector seminars and conferences for more than 100 distinguished visitors from, at least, 60 Sovereign Nations. We have successfully orchestrated numerous high-level US Government official visits, ranging from Presidential, Secretary of Defense and Cabinet Secretary visits.


Content & Agenda Development

We help you develop your engagement content and agenda ensuring that your goals are met.

Logistical Support

We support you with all logistical requirements (food, drinks, audiovisual, conference room, lodging, etc.) in order to execute a successful event. 

Support W/ Keynote Requirements

We help you acquire Keynote Speakers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) ensuring engagement relevance.

Event Planning & Execution

We help you plan and execute your event with professionalism and dedication, we take the work off your hands!

Venue Selection

We work with you to select a venue that meets your engagement objectives and budget.

Conference / Event Deliverables

We will deliver a summary of proceedings or an engagement after-action report.


Policy & Program Planning 

We help you plan, implement and optimize policies and programs to effectively complete your mission.

Literature Creation

Information is only actionable if it is communicated well. We deliver high-quality reports, imagery and visual aids in support of key decision making processes.

Force Development

We help you plan and implement vital education and developmental programs to increase force effectiveness.


We disect open-sources and other channels to find and interpret critical data to create real actionable intellegence.

Intellegence Acquisition & Analysis

We work with you to collect, analyze and dissemenate information vital to the success of a program/project. 

Mission Planning & Monitoring

We work with you to develop and execute all aspects of a mission, from planning to reporting, our personnel are there every step of the way.