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At EEC Solutions we pride ourselves in fostering a community of like-minded professionals with the same goal of working towards a safer world. To achieve this goal we have spent countless hours and resources in compiling and producing tools and interfaces to allow our community to benefit from shared ideas and information.

Collaboration HUB

Information sharing is vital to any team and it is the bedrock upon which successful projects and initiatives are built on. The EEC Solutions Collaboration Hub is a virtual platform that allows individuals and teams to communicate, share information, and work together in real-time from different locations, fostering a seamless and productive workflow.


EEC Solutions' blog contains valuable resources for discovering the latest industry-leading trends and providing detailed and informative insights that are both comprehensive and easy to understand.

File Share

EEC Solutions' file share capability provides users with a comprehensive platform where they can easily access past training materials, important information, and documents related to fire safety and prevention

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