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As a government service provider and veteran owned business, EEC Solutions understands the intricacies of  safety and security and to better meet the threats of tomorrow we have invested heavily into scouring the globe for  our products. We pride ourselves in only carrying top-notch equipment for clients worldwide. We strive to serve both businesses and customers alike as we believe that the best security should be available to everyone.

Please see the corresponding section below for a list of the product we currently carry.

Are you in need of something we are not currently carrying? Contact us at support@dbaeecsolutions.com and we will help you find it.


Ballistic Protective


Earthquake & Natural Disaster


Access Control Equipment

On behalf of the CHUF team, we want to extend our sincerest appreciation to EEC Solutions. Alex and his team dedicated hundreds of hours to supporting our multiple projects and provided technical and administrative expertise. Their desire to want to make a difference in their community resonates strongly with our mission, and we are pleased to continue providing the much-needed support to our community.

Marielys Camacho-Reyes, Founder / President of The Compassionate Hearts UNITED Foundation

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