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EEC ProDev


EEC Professional Development offers graduate-level content and training for professionals in various industries, serving both military and commercial clients. Our courses focus on developing essential leadership and inter-agency communication skills crucial for success in today's dynamic environments.

With experienced instructors versed in leadership and communication theories and practices, our courses are interactive and practical, ensuring participants can apply learned concepts effectively.

We provide courses in leadership and inter-agency communication, catering to professionals seeking to enhance strategic thinking, decision-making, and team-building skills, as well as those navigating complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

At EEC ProDev, we customize training programs to meet clients' unique needs, offering online and in-person formats. Contact us to discover how we can help you develop crucial skills for professional success.

Example of One of Our Courses:

Leadership and Communication: Military Roots and Industry Applications

This seminar focuses on the fundamentals of leadership and communication through the lens of the military, with a specific emphasis on how these concepts can be applied to the broader industry. The seminar will explore the principles of effective leadership, the importance of clear and concise communication, and the impact that these skills have on organizational success.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of leadership and communication, including their historical context and relevance to the broader industry.

  2. Define leadership and its role in organizational success, and identify different leadership styles and their effectiveness.

  3. Build trust and credibility as a leader, and lead with humility and empathy.

  4. Lead change and promote ethical leadership.

  5. Identify and adapt communication styles to different contexts and audiences, and use effective communication strategies.

  6. Reflect on your own leadership style and communication skills, and identify areas for improvement.

  7. Apply military leadership principles in other contexts, and make connections between military leadership and communication and the broader industry.

      Training Modules:

  1. Introduction to Leadership and Communication

    1. Overview of the course and its objectives

    2. Historical context of military leadership and communication

    3. Fundamentals of leadership and communication

    4. Discussion of the relevance of military leadership and communication to the broader industry

  2. Leadership Principles

    1. Defining leadership and its role in organizational success

    2. Understanding different leadership styles and their effectiveness

    3. Building trust and credibility as a leader

    4. Leading with humility and empathy

  3. Leadership Principles (cont'd)

    1. Building trust and credibility

    2. Leading with humility and empathy

    3. Leading change

    4. Ethical leadership

  4. Communication Strategies

    1. Understanding different communication styles and their impact on communication effectiveness

    2. Strategies for effective communication

    3. Communication in diverse contexts

The Country Team

Communication amognst key entities and organizations is vital to the overall success of  an effort. Without the knowledge of how to navigate an inter-agency enviornment, individuals and stakeholders will face challenges not only in the planning, but also with the execution of a program or service.

 EEC Solutions has created "The Country Team"  to deliver data-driven instruction to participants worldwide. Our seminar consists of  real-life scenarios where participants will have the ability to interact with roleplayers who will represent highlevel officials within the military and civilian government. We utilize personnel that have held the positions they are  playing such: as Ambassadors, Deputy Chief of Missions (DCM), Office of Regional Affairs (ORA), Senior Defense Official (SDO), Deputy for Security Assistant (DSA), Regional Security Officers (RSO), USAID Director, etc..

       Key Qualities:

  1. Real-World Scenarios

  2. Diversity

  3. Professional Communication

  4. Safe Learning Enviornment

  5. Periodic Instructor Re-Qualification

  6. Graduate Level Course-Work and Instruction

  7. Routine Course Updates

Planning for Country Team Seminar

Day One

Execution of Country Team Seminar

Day Two

Country Team Training Seminar Debriefing

Day Three

Case Study:

EEC Solutions's EEC ProDevService for the Department of the Navy


This case study documents how EEC Solutions' EEC ProDev service supports military partners by providing high-level transfer of knowledge through subject matter experts (SMEs). The program is designed to impart specific knowledge, skills, or abilities upon the appropriate audience/leadership level specified by the Government. EEC ProDev instructors provide industry-leading best practices, innovative solutions, current and relevant real-world practical scenarios, and content delivered by nationally recognized SMEs. The topics covered in this program include professional development, communication, ethics, and more.

Training Objectives:

The training objectives of the EEC ProDev service are to provide expert instruction to enhance leadership capabilities and decision-making skills of military personnel. The SMEs selected by EEC Solutions have extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields and can share their expertise in a manner that is both practical and relatable.

Training Delivery:

The EEC ProDev service offers a variety of training delivery methods that were customized to meet the specific needs of the  program. Our personnel provide onsite training at various locations or conduct virtual training sessions. Additionally, EEC Solutions offers flexible scheduling options to ensure that the training fits seamlessly into the busy schedules of military personnel.

Training Content:

The EEC ProDev service offers a broad range of training content that is designed to meet the specific needs of military programs. The curriculum includes the latest industry practices, case studies, and real-world scenarios to provide participants with practical knowledge that they can apply in their day-to-day operations. The training content is developed and delivered by SMEs who are recognized experts in their respective fields.


EEC Solutions’ EEC ProDev service supports the military programs by providing expert instruction in a variety of topics. Our SMEs are recognized experts in their respective fields, and the training content is designed to meet the specific needs. By providing practical and relevant knowledge, the EEC ProDev service enhances the leadership capabilities and decision-making skills of military personnel, ultimately contributing to the success of their missions.

Need Other Trainings or Have Questions?

EEC Solutions has the ability to create on demand courses that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that they receive the training they need to succeed in their respective fields. Contact one of our representatives to learn more.

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