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EEC Solutions values the relationships we have with our clients above all else. We are committed to delivering products and services that not only meet, but exceed our clients' requirements and expectations. Our team actively seeks to improve the quality of our work through ongoing training and development, empowering each employee to consistently perform their job to the highest standard possible.

Angela Murphy, Realtor

"I contacted EEC Solutions a few months ago with a professioanl administrative assistant prioject that I needed to complete during my busy work season. As a Realtor it is imperative to have organized client files especially during the spring/summer months when most of my listings are active. I explained what I needed done and they delivered an excellent and organized spreadsheet that exceeded my expectations. The project was extremely important for my business and it was completed in a timely manner. I will be using EEC Solutions again and would highly recommend it to my colleagues or anyone looking for assistance with any administrative tasks."

Event Attendee, 
D.C Pretrial Services Agency

"Alex, I appreciate the opportunity we had to meet each other today. Thank you for the excellent services you provided to PSA these three days. It is awesome to see a retired Army Veteran who is the CEO/President of his company. I sensed a passion and vision for what you do, and it is very encouraging to see you fulfilling your dream. I reviewed your website, and it is impressive to see and read about the members of your advisory board and your business concept. As you and I discussed, we need to see more veterans visible in the business sector with a global vision to make a difference. I am encouraged to see you demonstrating this vision in action."

Scott A. Cook, TWF Artistic Producer

"Today, TheatreWorks Florida and TheatreCares met their minimum goal of $3,000 for their all-new "Vet Voices" program due to the incredible generosity of Alex Morales-Hernandez of EEC Solutions who donated $1,720 to help us cross the line to the final round of a $25,000 grant from USA TODAY NEWS (Gannett Foundation)! We are so blessed to have been introduced to this wonderful angel who recognize the power of theatre, our passion to bring our community together and our devotion to a better quality of life for our Central FL military war veterans. A heart felt thank you to Alex and his team!"

Stephen Giordano, President of Boys & Girls Club of Polk County

Alex, how wonderful to meet you and your family while you once again have provided food for our kids. You know better than most, that this is so much more than Friday afternoon Pizza. From you, our kids can learn that hard work, leads to success and that successful people give back. You are demonstrating that to our kids, while broadening their horizons and putting smiles on their faces!  So thank you for sharing, for caring and thanks for making a difference!"

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