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Achievements from the Perspective of a Small Business

Amazon, Coke, Target, Apple…

We all know these big corporations that have become household names. If you look at all the people you know in your life, you can easily think of someone that has Amazon packages arriving at their door every other day, a friend who drinks a Coke a day, someone who spends 3 hours in Target, or a person who gets the new iPhone every year. We have turned to these corporations for something at one point or another. There seems to be social media content or news articles surrounding those big corporations' new achievements every week and it is almost like it isn’t a big deal when Amazon or Apple makes another billion dollars.

Nobody is jumping up and down out from excitement when they hear that Amazon or Apple makes another billion dollars. I am sure that the CEO’s and employees work extremely hard to reach their company goals, but in reality nobody is forcing us to click buy on Amazon. This might be a hard reality to face, but nobody is forcing us to stay at Target for 3 hours either. These corporations have become so large that it might feel like they hit these goals or gain hundreds of customers without even trying. However, hitting these goals are totally different from the perspective of a small business.

There are trillions of companies out there and it is hard to make a name in such a saturated market. It is hard to compete with bigger companies that might already have a large client base or solidified partnerships. Small businesses and start ups take a lot of work to run. We might envy big corporations and their accomplishments, but we should be celebrating all of our achievements too. These big household names were once in the same position as a small business. Before Jeff Bezos started making billions of dollars, he was running an online bookstore out of his garage. Small businesses shouldn’t be intimidated by big companies. We should continue to work hard to reach our goals because we all have to start somewhere. In the long run, our hard work will pay off.

With that being said, EEC is beyond excited to announce that we have received 2 new contracts with The 571st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron at Travis Air Force Base and The 19 FSS Airman and Family Readiness Center at Little Rock Air Force Base!!

…and you bet the EEC Solutions team is jumping up and down right now!

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