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Leaders are a crucial part of maintaining a flow or company. Employees and followers rely on them for guidance. Leaders are there to march people in the right direction and discipline. However, not a lot of people know how to be an effective leader.

What is leadership?

Leadership is the action of leading groups of people or organizations. The purpose is to influence others to be on task and put in effort in order to achieve a common goal. A leader should not only be able to influence others, but should motivate others to grow.

What is the importance of good leadership?

The type of leadership in place can make or break a company. Bad leadership can turn people away or have a negative effect on the work environment. In fact, 82% of employees have considered leaving their jobs due to bad leadership. 82%!!!! Imagine your leader or sergeant treating you poorly and not being organized. It would cause a negative chain reaction. Nobody would want to listen, marches wouldn’t be uniform, and there would be a lack of direction. Leadership sets up the foundation for the rest of the group. If a leader decides to not put in effort, followers will also follow in the same footsteps.

What is effective leadership?

Good leaders are inspirations for others. Effective leaders are fair and don’t abuse their power. In the army, you need a strong leader who will prepare all the soldiers for any scenario. They need to make sure that soldiers go through proper training and follow orders. For a company, the leader should keep track of employees and make sure they’re fulfilling tasks to reach company goals. Those goals may be meeting quotas, increasing revenue, etc. Effective leaders are able to nurture the strengths and weaknesses of others and build up groups of people that are passionate and confident enough to work together.

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