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Career Coaching Sessions at No Cost for Military Veterans

For Immediate Release

Attention Central Florida Military Veterans

For limited time, EEC Solutions is offering a one-time complimentary career coaching session to military veterans interested in improving their job seeking abilities.

They will be offering, free-of-cost, the following one-on-one services:

1) Resume coaching. 2) Interview coaching.

3) Career coaching.

All sessions last one to two hours (depending on the type of session) and are mostly conducted in person at their office located at the Lopez Plaza in US Hwy 17/92 N. This free offer is good for ONE coaching session per person; Fees will apply for additional sessions. (Sessions should be scheduled by October 19, 2018)

“Helping and guiding individuals to find the answers to their career concerns and providing perspectives, options, and suggestions to create awareness and catalyze their own solution is my personal mission," says Alex-Morales-Hernandez, CEO/President of EEC Solutions.

Alex’s working experiences along with his educational and military background has given him the necessary tools to guide individuals to discover their full potential and develop the necessary skills to succeed in the working force, and to apply those newly acquired skills toward the completion of their career/life goals.

For more information, please contact Alex at, or call us at (863) 259-8832.

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