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CertNexus: Educating Yourself on Emerging Technology

When you look at your surroundings, how many pieces of technology are around you? Currently, there are 8 objects for me. All of those items are things I use on a daily basis without even realizing. I’m constantly using technology whether I’m emailing or calling people for work, uploading assignments or researching online for school, or texting and posting pictures for personal entertainment. In this day and age, our worlds revolve around the Internet and technology. We might be blindsided to who might have access to our data and information.

This is where Logical Operations’ CertNexus courses come in…

What is CertNexus?

CertNexus is a partner company to Logical Operations. They are a provider of certifications that focus on emerging technology, while being vendor-neutral. This includes IOT, AI, Data Ethics, and Cybersecurity. CertNexus aims to digitally transform companies, using their certification programs, by filling in gaps created from the lack of skilled employees in the workforce.

What does CertNexus offer?

They have an abundant amount of training courses to help individuals and companies. They offer technology credentials for businesses, data, development, IT, and security. CertNexus has 3 levels of courses. In their “Think” category, there are 7 different courses to choose from. It contains micro credentials, which are low stake courses. You can take them on your own time and you have multiple attempts on the assignments. They aren’t technical or proctored courses either. You can attempt these courses with ease and at your own pace. Their “Build” category contains 5 skills certifications. These courses are for technical people working in the cybersecurity, IOT, data science, AI, or data ethics fields. They have higher requirements and are designed to help those changing roles within a company or trying different fields. Their third level, which is their “Secure” category, has 3 programs. The courses are high stakes and help those who work for organizations that need outside requirements. They are higher certifications and they use Pearson to proctor the course.

What value does CertNexus courses bring?

CertNexus certainly does bring a lot of value to an individual or business. However, the value can differ based on each course. A great course to start with for any individual is the CyberSAFE certification. Not only does it keep cybersecurity insurance premiums low, it also teaches everyone how to protect themselves from anyone accessing their data. It perfects leadership skills, can be useful for any business professional, project managers, IT security, engineers, and so on. Technology is not going away anytime soon. It is all around us. It is smart to be proactive and earn these credentials to increase our knowledge in emerging technologies.

Take a look at which CertNexus course could be useful to you and your company. Feel free to send EEC Solutions an email at, or leave any thoughts in the comments below and we will be more than willing to respond with additional information.

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