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How to Catapult Your Company Using Credentials

With so many businesses around, it can feel like there is constant pressure to be the best in the industry. Most people will say that in order for a company to stand out, it must have a strong work culture, be honest, and have strong leadership. However, the one thing most people miss is CREDENTIALS.

What are credentials?

In simple terms, credentials are documents that show that someone is qualified. It can be academic or educational qualifications or credits that are given by a third party. Some examples include diplomas, degrees, licenses, and professional certifications.

Why are credentials important?

Although having a strong work culture, being honest, and having strong leadership are very important in building up a company, having the credentials and certifications to back it up are just as significant. It shows all parties including employers, competitors, and customers that an individual is knowledgeable and obtains the skills to perform at a given level. Credentials can make or break a company. A customer may not trust a company that doesn’t have relevant credits or an employer may choose a different candidate that has a list of credits to prove that they have the skillset for the job.

What are important credentials to start with?

In order to build up a company or have long-term growth, there has to be a strong foundation. A great certification to help learn the basic elements of implementing and managing systems is PECB’s ISO 9001 course. It teaches the foundations and fundamentals of quality management systems and is a great place to start. Another certification that we recommend starting with is Logical Operations’ CertNexus cyberSAFE skills certification. With more and more businesses moving onto online platforms and the growing use of technology, cyberSAFE brings awareness and educates users on common security risks and how to protect their data systems.

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