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Military Athletes at the 2022 Winter Olympics

As a veteran owned business, EEC Solutions knows the important role that these men and women play in our society. Representing the United States not only at the olympic games but as a member of the armed forces. Five soldiers who are a part of the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program will also be participating, get to know them below!

EEC Solutions salutes these brave athletes! Bring home Gold!

Spc. Hakeem Abdul-Saboor | Bobsled, 4-person & 2-person

Powhatan, Virginia

Spc. Jasper Good | Nordic Combined

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Spc. Benjamin Loomis | Nordic Combined

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Spc. Frank Del Duca | Bobsled, 4-person and 2-person

Bethel, Maine

Sgt. Emily Sweeney | Luge Singles

Suffield, Connecticut

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