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The Pentagon Pulls the Plug on $10 billion JEDI Cloud-Computing Contract

The JEDI Cloud-Computing contract was issued with the task of upgrading The Pentagon's entire IT system, but it sees the AXE before getting off the ground. The initiative began with three major companies bidding to be the ones selected, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon. After a heated process, Amazon was awarded the contract in 2019, but not without some controversy.

Amazon decided to challenge the decision in court, where they claimed that then-President Donald Trump had interfered with the process and swayed the decision away from amazon, solely on the fact that he was not a fan of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. In addition, Oracle subsequently decided to sue, claiming that the process was actually unfairly tipped in favor of Amazon.

As a result of all the controversy, The Pentagon has decided to scrap the JEDI initiative and replace it with the Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability project (JWCC). To better meet industry standards, The Pentagon will also be taking a multi-vendor approach, allowing anyone with the ability to prove their computing power to bid to overhaul the Defense Department's IT systems.

What are your thoughts on The Pentagon's move?

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