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Professional Education


At EEC Solutions, we believe that knowledge is power and our mission is to become pioneers in professional development and managerial education. We utilize an all encompassing approach to the planning, production and execution of all out trainings. They are based on real world data and scenarios that are geared to prepare the participant for events within their selective fields. 

Leadership Development 

Leadership development has become a key strategic issue for contemporary organizations. Organizations without a properly structured leadership development processes compete in the marketplace at their own peril. The leadership field is constantly evolving with new insights and discoveries that can benefit the development of your organization’s leaders. 

Successful leadership is not only about the quality of training content: it's about establishing development processes and integrating leadership learning into the work environment. 

Tailored Modules

Once we establish contact, we conduct a review of your needs and tailor the training content to your organization’s needs, culture, and strategic goals.

Latest Developments

Training modules are constantly updated to reflect the latest developments, theories, and models of leadership and organizational behavior

Graduate Level Content

Our instructors are content experts in the leadership field and have significant experiences at senior level positions in a variety of successful business, government, and non-profit organizations

Training Modules:

  1. Fundamentals of Leadership

  2. Leading Organizational Change

  3. Globalization and Leadership

  4. Effective Leader Communications

  5. Leadership and Strategic Communications

  6. Professional Development in Leadership

  7. Team Leadership

  8. Leadership and Technology

  9. Leading Organizational Change

  10. Emerging Theories of Leadership

  11. Leadership Ethics

  12. Leading with Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

  13. Conflict Management Leaders

  14. Inter-Organizational Leadership

  15. Leadership and Organizational Strategy

  16. Research Methods in Leadership

  17. Reflective Practice and Competency Development

The Country Team

Communication amognst key entities and organizations is vital to the overall success of  an effort. Without the knowledge of how to navigate an inter-agency enviornment, individuals and stakeholders will face challenges not only in the planning, but also with the execution of a program or service.

 EEC Solutions has created "The Country Team"  to deliver data-driven instruction to participants worldwide. Our seminar consists of  real-life scenarios where participants will have the ability to interact with roleplayers who will represent highlevel officials within the military and civilian government. We utilize personnel that have held the positions they are  playing such: as Ambassadors, Deputy Chief of Missions (DCM), Office of Regional Affairs (ORA), Senior Defense Official (SDO), Deputy for Security Assistant (DSA), Regional Security Officers (RSO), USAID Director, etc..

Key Qualities:

  1. Real-World Scenarios

  2. Diversity

  3. Professional Communication

  4. Safe Learning Enviornment

  5. Periodic Instructor Re-Qualification

  6. Graduate Level Course-Work and Instruction

  7. Routine Course Updates

Planning for Country Team Seminar

Day One

Execution of Country Team Seminar

Day Two

Country Team Training Seminar Debriefing

Day Three

Need Other Trainings or Have Questions?

For more information, take a look at our brochures or contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives to see how your company can benefit from any of our training programs.

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