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Vet Voices Program Presented Their First Highlight Presentation

Davenport, FL - September has been a great month for EEC Solutions. EEC Solutions' CEO Alex Morales-Hernandez had the pleasure of attending the first highlight presentation for the Vet Voices Program-a program that we had the great honor of been named official presenters. During that presentation, one of our own, Ms. Marielys Camacho-Reyes, wife of Mr. Morales-Hernandez, and an Army veteran herself had the honor of been selected to present two monologues writtten by her about her experiences in the military. Marielys, who is also an Army Wife, was interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel in preparation for the presentation where she shared with Mr. Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel Art Writer, a little bit about the Vet Voices progam and how the creative writing activities that she had been exposed to during the past nine (9) weeks were very influential in her been able to enhance her abilities to write those two monologues, something that she had never done before.

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